• Aura is a project that combines the physical and digital world, focusing on user experience and the user interface.

  • American start-up Movably joins forces with Alegre Design to prelaunch their first chair to the market, Movably Pro. This professional chair is designed to get the user to move, working standing, sitting, or supporting only one leg, in a comfortable way.

  • Aria office chair is Alegre Design’s first furniture design for Enova. Inspired by nature, the connection of two shapes; one rigid and one flexible, result in a light and versatile product, with no noticeable mechanisms.

    Aria office chair
  • Its design generates an immersive experience and promotes user comfort. It seeks a contrast of lines between a compact and solid exterior image and an access area design that is oriented towards welcoming the vehicle to the washing process.

  • Titan is a modular system to organize the kitchen tools.

    Titan Emuca
  • Albert is a chair conceived and designed from a global perspective but which scrupulously complies with the technical specificities required by the Colombian educational sector.

  • Steel and cedar wood are the two raw materials that make up the new KastomBed, a bed that is based on the principles of eco-design: natural and local materials, minimalistic elements, durability and simplification of transport and assembly.

  • Zero is a modular space management system that does not require any tools for assembly and that offers endless possibilities in terms of structures and elements.

    zero modular system
  • A human-centric approach to food delivery and beyond.

  • vanity system
  • Efficiency and sustainability come together in these four models, which are easy to manufacture and install, even on a vertical surface.

  • We have worked together with Istobal combining our methodologies that have led to and industrial, aesthetic and strategic proposal that foresees three time escenarios: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

    washing center
  • Subtlety and elegance are the two hallmarks of the That’s it chair, designed for the Italian brand, Quinti, that took care of the backrest. Light hints of aluminium give it a unique and differentiated aesthetic.

  • The Noom 50 chair is the response by Alegre Design to the need for versatility and customization of very diverse spaces, allowing the limits between them to blur. Its design is inspired by digital textures that give continuity to its lines, providing an organic and fluid image.

  • Pad Chair arises from the reinvention by Alegre Design of the classic writing-pad chair of Federico Giner, a manufacturer of school furniture with more than a century of experience.

  • The school furniture manufacturer Federico Giner, with more than a century of experience, has entered the educational avant-garde with the “Actiflex” collection, a line of classroom furniture that can be adapted to the needs and methodologies of 21st century education, with a focus on versatility and flexibility.

    actiflex desk
  • Noon is an adjustable wall lamp that can light up all the corners of the room and create new points of view thanks to its use of light.

    noon lamp
  • The Actiflex tables incorporate a multipurpose construction system composed of a high-strength aluminum injection part that allows for the incorporation of metal, aluminum and wooden legs of different heights and angles, with or without wheels.

  • Noom combines traditional craftsmanship with 3D patterning technologies to create new sensations for the user.

  • KLC is a multi-purpose and versatile educational chair design, designed by Alegre Design for OMP Group and able to adapt to any space, thanks to its high level of customisation.

  • Noom is conceived as a link. A connection between different spaces, wether they are designed for work, waiting areas or restaurants. The limits between spaces are softening.

  • Noom Armchair, in its generously sized armchair version, is a guarantee of comfort. The ergonomics of the piece have received the utmost care and attention, to favour its use during long periods of time.


    Recognized with a 2019 European Product Design Award.

  • In Japan, cats are members of the family, and they are gaining increasing relevance within the home. A product design for Katzden Architec.

  • Talent is a system of stackable, height-adjustable and foldable tables for Actiu. Easy to move and favouring tidiness, since they can be folded away, the tables do not require an electricity supply.

  • Designing products involves much more than just defining their look. At Alegre Design we have a comprehensive concept of design, which is a tool that makes products respond to specific uses, although it also becomes a distinguishing factor for a company.

  • Dentistry has evolved to look further ahead. Far from being limited to a mere medical discipline, dentistry today is closely linked to aesthetics, and related treatments, meaning its practice requires a visual identity more closely linked to that language.

  • A versatile display for a orange juice automatic machine.

  • Japanese minimalism and efficiency come together in Pablo, a collection of parking supports produced by the Japanese firm Katzden Architect.

  • Trim offers extensive options for customisation and its height-adjustable backrest improves its ergonomics and ability to adapt to the user.


    2020 German Design Award

  • Lightness is the primary quality of an office chair, and that is the feature that best characterises Rail, a slender piece of furniture that incorporates technology and engineering in a classic elastic mesh chair designed for workspaces.

  • Alegre Design along with PlanetUS has designed the first connected security device that sends out notifications in case of severe falls and includes a geolocation system in case the bike is stolen.

    Pibe PlanetUs
  • The TNK Flex chair is a quality leap in design and development of ergonomically designed office chairs, based on the haptic interaction with the user for a better, more ergonomic support.

  • This chair that has top quality features is made by the company Sunon.


    2018 A’ Design Award Gold
    2018 Good Design Award

  • Inspired by the silhouette of a flower, Flow, produced by Faro, is a timeless lamp with a warm design that adapts organically to all kinds of outdoor spaces.

    flow lamp
  • Linear and Core are a family of bench components from OMP Group that is conceived as a meeting point, as a node of personal connection for moments spent in waiting areas in such places as hospitals, health centres and public spaces.

    linear and core
  • Llatina is a support for bicycle racks and parking for the Japanese company Katzden Architec.

  • The Spanish company Eyesynth has developed the first glasses that, thanks to an algorithm, convert spatial and visual information into audio that blind people can understand. Alegre Design has collaborated on this project in the formal exterior design and industrial development of these glasses, including in their aesthetics the whole electronic system that makes this historical feat possible.

  • Fences designed for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020/2021.

  • Functionality, simplicity and fun. These are the qualities that the ladder models designed by AlegreDesign bring together for the Japenese company Katzden Architec.

  • Created by Alegre Design for Faro, Toni Outdoor Light, blends with all kinds of outdoor spaces, either at a height or as a spot light, among vegetation.

    Its cone-shaped, elegant, sober and durable design uses LED lighting and is water-and-dust-proof.

    toni light
  • Design and technology in a single material. Designed to keep us and the environment healthy, Stone is made of just one material, making it easier to produce, use and eventually dispose of.

  • The chair of the Millennial generation

    The generation who reached adulthood in the 21st century, made up of young people – and not so young people – who have grown up alongside new technology, are known as the ‘Millennials’. They are an independent, innovative and versatile urban tribe, whose arrival in the world of work is changing spaces, processes and ways of working. For this generation, work engagement is not just about their salary. Space, flexibility and wellbeing are key. And amongst all of this, the place of work is fundamental: their chair.

  • Security system that aims simplicity and not noticeability to keep the home secure and monitorized when you are not at home.

    Security system
  • Sling is an accessory for wardrobes that has been designed by Emuca.

  • Alegre Design has designed the first pair of glasses with optical lenses which include an electronic device on their frame that interacts with smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

    weon glasses
  • The use of new technologies inspired the design of Ego armchair by B&V. With the possibility of holding a tablet, changing its position or resting one arm only are new concepts for contract spaces.

    ego armchair
  • The flagship model of the new B&V collection is Ikon, a sofa designed by Alegre Design, which combines the laborious capitoné finish with an aerial bath structure with natural plywood finishes over steel legs.

  • We introduce to you the new teething rings we have designed: Hippos. They are two circular designs which merge two textures to ease the discomfort suffered by children during the teething process.

  • The design of the Cesta, a stand for supporting and parking bicycles, arose from a reflection on the efficient use of urban bicycle stands.

  • Cron, produced by Actiu and designed by Alegre Design, seeks its referents in the classic executive chairs but not effectiveness and dynamism of a functional chair.

    Cron chair
  • Advanced Fridge design for Fagor

  • A pacifier that takes care of the gums and teeth even before let them come out Its design was developed applying the technical specifications from a group of professional dentists that belong to the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry. the silhouette anatomical and super fine teat reduces interdental space and helps the correct placement of the teeth.

  • Chameleon-like adaptability to any working environment. The main feature of its operational design is that elements can be added to it. A chair designed and created to bring a chameleon-like adaptability to any working environment, giving the user the opportunity to make improvements and add accessories as if they were customising a vehicle. STAY office chair is a user-friendly, competitively priced chair whose tremendous capacity for tailoring makes it a truly global chair.

    stay office chair
  • Multifuncional equipment.

    User ergonomics were the starting point for designing Stem.

    stem millermaimann
  • Viva chair is design to furnish with personality ephemeral events, thanks to the color contrast and Facilities.

  • Audit is an elegant and simple auditorium foldable chair that dresses event spaces with class.

  • Environmentally friendly chair

    A500 is an executive chair designed to give the user more but with minimum environmental impact. Alegre Design has created this top-quality chair using pure, hi-tech materials and with an eye for the tiniest details. The result an elegant, comfortable and environmentally friendly chair. Produced by Actiu.

    Recipient of a 2012 Red Dot Design Award.

  • Transit furnishes the public spaces we all inhabit. Its state-of-the-art design and high-tech details make it a candidate for the next great classic. Produced by Actiu.

  • Nana loves people. We’ve taken the traditional nursing chair and created a new design for that intimate moment between mother and child. Made with breathable fabrics and with a light rocking motion, Nana makes breastfeeding even more special.

    nana lactation rocking chair
  • Home-use erectile health monitor for men.

  • The reinvention of the folding furniture

    A nomadic, sensual, multi-purpose product, for both groups and individuals. Smooth, sensitive lines make this a timeless collection perfect for any purpose. Produced by Actiu.

    Recipient of a 2008 Red Dot Design Award, a 2008 Selection in FX International Interior Design Awards, a Selection in 2009 Delta Awards and a Nomination in 2009 DesignPreis.

  • Kitchen extractor that is characterized by the high quality of the materials, minimalism and functionality.

  • Art meets the day-to-day in this new kitchen vertical extractor fan concept, which interacts with the user through its touch-control technology.

    Recipient of a 2010 IF Product Design Award, a 2009 Premio ADCV Plata and Nominated for the 2011 German Design Award.

  • 2008 FAD Awards
    A hand dryer based on a new cold air drag drying technology, more efficient and respectful of the environment, compared to hot air models with resistance that consume more energy. The design of the enclosure of this technology was an innovation for the sector due to its uniqueness and manufacturing in a single body.
  • TNK, and advanced chair for work spaces.

  • Tweeter is a specialized speaker in a spectrum of high frequencies.

  • Thebathco is a leading manufacturer of bathroom furniture and accessories, with which we have collaborated closely for four years in the conception, design and materialization of complete collections of bathroom fixtures and furniture.

  • This wood and metal support for the iPhone it also amplifies the speakers sound thanks to its form.

  • This bathroom sink innovation resides on the look of wood as a durable material in the bathroom.

  • Day-to-day wellbeing and sophistication were the inspiration behind this hydromassage shower collection, designed to wrap the shower head tidily around its curves.

  • Wooden baby crib that transmits comfort and warmth to the room.

  • This water heater was first design that responded to two needs: the user and that of the installer. The design took into account the entire installation process, commissioning and subsequent use of the heater, providing different components of interaction with the user to facilitate installation.