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D-NA bike racks
  • Product D-NA
  • Client Katzden Architec
  • Sector Mobility
  • Services Product Design
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D-NA bike racks, efficiency and sustainability come together in these four models, which are easy to manufacture and install, even on a vertical surface.


At Alegre Design, we have been collaborating on numerous projects, side by side, with the Japanese company Katzden Architec for more than a decade.
In fact, our Cesta and Llatina bike racks can be found in public spaces in cities like Tokyo. Now, this joint work has resulted in a new line: the D-NA. A new aesthetic that broadens the scope of this type of product to reach new users and spaces.

D-Na bike racks
d-na bike racks
Spacing module


From a technical point of view, the concept of the Cesta model has been further explored, with a standard specific geometry that’s compatible with all types of wheel sizes on the market. It is this conical geometry that keeps the bicycle from moving once the wheel has been inserted into the structure.

With a timeless and symbolic design– a bear, a butterfly, a bird and an elephant–, the options available for the D-NA bike rack are in line with Japanese graphic and visual culture. The silhouette of each animal can be perceived both horizontally and vertically, thanks to the design of the piece.

Spacing module


Due to their symbolism and aesthetics, these products are visually integrated into public spaces designed for children and teenagers, allowing them to convey a sense of order, of everything being in its place, of being able to recognize themselves in their own environment.

In addition to a didactic and civic purpose, the design also manages to organize the urban environment. And it instills in new generations the value and contribution of design to public space.

d-na bike racks
d-na bike racks
d-na bike racks
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