Timeless chair for active learning

dida chair
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Dida chair gets its name from the concept of «didactics» and was created to streamline learning and support the active learning methodologies of the present and of the future.

It represents a new step in the collaboration between Alegre Design and the manufacturer of school furniture, Federico Giner, and aims to provide a solution for the future needs of education: mobility, hygiene and well-being. It is a cross-disciplinary product for educational environments that ensures correct posture at all times.

dida chair

European Product Design Award 2021


The mission was to create a timeless chair capable of standing the test of time. It had to be a nice-looking, compact and highly durable chair. For this reason, the decision was made to take advantage of the benefits offered by injection materials, which offer a nice feel and are a guarantee of durability.
Thus, plastic injection technology was applied to create a simple, easy to produce product that, at the same time, had high mechanical resistance and favored a comfortable sitting position.

The fusion of design and technology generated an innovative geometry of variable thickness that guarantees its durability. Some parts of the chair are thicker to withstand continuous use and others are thinner and lighter, favoring the movement of the chairs in dynamic educational spaces.

dida chair
dida chair

Variable thickness geometry that guarantee durability

dida chair

Ensures correct posture
at all times

Spacing module


Dida chair comes in different sizes for each age group and is functional in both passive and active learning environments. Whether during a teacher’s explanation or during a collaborative task, Dida ensures that the time students spend sitting in the classroom is as comfortable and healthy as possible.

It offers a simple grip that allows the chairs to be moved around easily and as quietly as possible, in order to be able to reconfigure the learning area for every task at any given moment.

Dida was designed for educational environments but is not limited to the classroom. Due to its design and ease of cleaning, it covers the needs of other rooms such as the dining room and laboratory, or even the work areas of teachers and administrative personnel.

Created for a wide
range of ages

Responds to the needs of mobility, hygiene and well-being

Spacing module


Dida chair favors mobility and a comfortable 360º sitting experience, that is, frontally, laterally and inverted. The silhouette of the backrest allows the arm to rest comfortably if the user is sitting to the side.

Dida can be accessorized with a writing pad as a desk and with wheels, which reinforce its flexibility.

Due to its design and materials, Dida does exactly what it sets out to do: make people feel good, so that students and teachers can learn and teach in an active and comfortable way.

It is functional for multiple uses of educational centers

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