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American start-up Movably joins forces with Alegre Design to launch their first chair to the market, Movably Pro. This professional chair is designed to get the user to move, working standing, sitting, or supporting only one leg, in a comfortable way. The chair promotes body movement, taking care of your health.

  • Product Movably Pro
  • Costumer Movably
  • Sector Office
  • Services Product Design
    Trend Research
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American start-up Movably joins forces with Alegre Design to prelaunch their first chair to the market, Movably Pro.

We spend 4,000 days of our lives sitting at a desk, and that sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on our health. That’s why it’s important to alternate between sitting and standing at work. The height adjustable Movably Pro chair allows you to change posture naturally, activating different muscles, and promoting physical well-being. It combines our ergonomic design expertise with a sleek cross-sectional aesthetic.

Its engineering mechanism allows different components of the chair to be moved, compatible with height adjustable desks available on the market such as Talent. One of the main challenges has been adapting Movably Pro to the standard ergonomics regulations for static chairs, combining it with other ergonomic principles, to also cover standing work and achieve a more inclusive design, for people of all different heights.

Movably pro chair

The two halves of the seat can be folded down


We were looking for a partner with both industry specialty expertise and broader and global design perspectives in different categories- Alegre Design uniquely met all the criteria.  At each stage of the process, there is always more to discover, and Alegre was always ready with a range of options, smart alternatives causing us to reflect carefully and focus. Movably team

We provide product design and user experience.

Movably proposed an engineering solution that required technical development, but they needed our vision on product design and user experience. The collaboration between their engineering team and our product design team has fine-tuned every detail to achieve the most advanced chair possible.

The lines of the seat curve downwards, making it more comfortable in any position. The entire design is supported by a horizontal cylinder-like structure. The backrest and the seat begin from this nucleus and the base is connected, giving it greater stability. The seat is divided into two halves that can be folded down independently or kept in the conventional position. This core houses the gas piston that controls the height adjustable feature of the chair, and the sensor that determines the angle of the seat.

Combines ergonomic design and cross-sectional aesthetics


Promotes body movement, taking care of your health.

The contact points between the Movably Pro chair and the user are designed to conform naturally to the human body. The division of its seat into two halves is an unprecedented feature in the market, providing a greater capacity for movement to the people who use it. The design of the chair hides the wiring that connects it to a power source.

User safety has also been considered in all of the components. Their movements, their relation to each other, the minimum distance, and the appropriate space to avoid trapped fingers have all been studied.

Movably Pro chair
Movably Pro chair
Spacing module