Smart device for your bike safety

  • Product Pbike
  • Client PlanetUS
  • Sector Consumer Electronic
  • Services Product Design

PBike. Alegre Design along with PlanetUS has designed the first connected security device that sends out notifications in case of severe falls and includes a geolocation system in case the bike is stolen.


PBike is the first electronic device designed for bikes which guarantees the safety of both cyclists and bikes alike. Developed along with PlanetUs, company specializing in the development and manufacture of geolocation wearable devices, this device is a state-of-the-art automatic security system.

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Its top-notch technology allows the sending of alerts to pre-determined contacts in case of severe falls and includes an anti-theft system equipped with real-time motion and tracking sensors in case the bike is stolen, without any limitation with regard to distance or spaces.

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In addition, the device stores the most detailed route tracking, preventing users from having to use any other device and also enabling sync with the Strava app. A totally connectible device including different communication systems and a high-range antenna, allowing communication even in secluded spaces.

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Spacing module
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