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vanity system
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Vanity is a technical, decorative and architectural system that, based on its engineering and design, creates a timeless solution for the bathroom.

A minimal set of geometric shapes is the premise of this line of shower doors designed for Profiltek. It stands out for the visual delicateness of the details and for its ability to blend into any space.


Vanity is an exercise in design that seeks to accommodate and enable the functionality of large-format glass panels with the minimum number of elements possible. It is a guarantee of robustness and safety, conveying a feeling where glass is the protagonist, appearing to be held up by itself in the air.

With Vanity, Alegre Design has designed an efficient mechanism that limits the visual impact of the fittings as much as possible. All of which respond graphically to the fusion of the silhouettes of a rectangle and a circle.

This geometric gesture is the basis of the design of this innovative system of shower doors for the bathroom.

Starts from a minimal set of geometric shapes

vanity system
vanity system

Minimizes its visual impact and guarantees safety

Fits into a wide variety of spaces


The design of the Vanity system ensures its seamless integration into the architectural space. It is a professional line for domestic use that, thanks to a minimalist use of structural elements, adapts to bathrooms of different sizes, providing them with a feeling of visual spaciousness and eliminating traditional construction elements.

Its components include handles that can serve as towel rails, lower bearings with an anti-fall system, an upper clamp that holds up the system and sets the glass and allows the glass door to slide, and a lateral compensation profile to connect the glass with the fixed wall of glass.

Ease the user’s movement and access


Vanity makes the person feels comfortable when it’s time to shower, offering up the sensation of safety and spaciousness in its daily use.

The Vanity fittings ensure the stability and durability of the structure. Its design allows it to accommodate large panels of tempered glass, which provide a greater sense of spaciousness in the shower space, enhancing the image of a transparent glass wall that can incorporate decorative motifs to enhance its level of customization and privacy.

The system’s design favors people’s movement and access to the shower, always respecting the safety regulations applicable to this type of product.

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