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Aria office chair is Alegre Design’s first furniture design for Enova. Inspired by nature, the connection of two shapes; one rigid and one flexible, result in a light and versatile product, with no noticeable mechanisms.


The collaboration between Alegre Design and Enova has shaken up office seating. Calling on our extensive experience in technology and furniture design, the mechanism is built-in, leaving only the essence of the chair in view. It has no superfluous parts of pre-existing solutions.

The overlapping of a rigid structure and a flexible one affects the smoothness of the curves and the visual lightness of the Aria office chair. It means the movement of the backrest and seat are in synch, ensuring the ergonomics and functionality of the chair throughout the working day.

Therefore, Alegre Design’s work entailed coming up with the original idea, developing and engineering it, and finally launching it on the market, including selecting the finishes that will make it a standard for new workspaces.

Aria office chair

Inspired by nature,
the connection of two shapes,
results in a light versatile chair

Aria office chair
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Aria office chair is the result of intensive research into materials and processes. In the search to strike the right balance between nature-inspired rigid and flexible parts, we started with a carbon fibre piece that was rigid enough to guarantee stability and flexible enough to accompany us in our movement. 

Following this experimentation, and to make this furniture design available to as many people as possible, we worked with thermoplastic materials that have the same properties, yet are also more environmentally friendly.

The chair was created in close collaboration between Alegre Design’s design team and Uzuo Group, Enova’s parent company. A product that stands out for its lightness and its smart and intuitive concept.

Aria office chair
Aria office chair

Aria connects to shapes:
one rigid and one flexible

Aria office chair

The mechanism is built-in, leaving just the chair's essence

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Aria office chair is characterised by how easy it is to use, based on a sit-and-play principle of apparent formal simplicity. Back support and seating comfort are guaranteed by Alegre Design’s extensive experience and know-how when it comes to furniture design for professional seating.

Thanks to its aesthetic qualities and wide range of finishes, it can be used in a wide range of environments, from a study room to a co-working space, an art gallery or a traditional office space.

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Back support
and seating comfort
are guaranteed

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