Consumer electronics improves people’s lives through technology, as evidenced by Kai, one of our latest designs. Ki is a smart ring that controls the home’s environmental conditions and energy consumption. The device projects light signals on the wall that indicate, through colors, if there is any imbalance in the home’s air quality, temperature, water or electricity consumption.


Their optical lenses incorporate an electronic device on their frame that interacts with smartphones, tablets and personal computers.



Thanks to an algorithm, they convert spatial and visual information into audio that blind people can understand.


Aura is a device that interacts with augmented reality technologies to create a visual bubble, that blurs out visual distractions.


This connected security device sends out notifications in case of severe falls and includes a geolocation system in case the bike is stolen. 

Pibe PlanetUs

Istobal Vacuum Cleaner

It is based on an intense investigation of the user’s interaction with this type of cleaning device for vehicles. Its design provides the greatest comfort and speed in the process.