Eyesynth is a pair of glasses that, thanks to an algorithm, convert spatial and visual information into audio that blind people can understand. It is transmitted through cochlear headphones (through the skull bone) to the inner ear, which is able to encode it to know information about the size, shape and position of objects within a short and medium distance (up to 6 metres).

Alegre Design has collaborated in the formal exterior design and industrial development of these glasses, including in their aesthetics the whole electronic system that makes this historical feat possible.


Eurus is a dental chair that responds to the new needs of dental clinics, from the point of view of design, efficiency and ergonomics. A work space that provides safety and wellbeing which helps the patient to feel comfortable, improving the experience involved in a visit to the dentist.

Eurus focuses on optimizing comfort for both the patient and the practitioner with its active ergonomics. Each section minimizes unwanted movements for the doctor, thanks to a very efficient integration of all components.

“Design + health” is an apt, informative and multidisciplinary exhibition, where science and medicine come face to face with technology and design. It offers an extensive journey through the past, present and future, with the aim of giving visibility to the design discipline not only for ornamental, but also for fundamental aspects.