430 Galileo

Creating flow and movement

  • Product 430 Galileo
  • Customer EUN
  • Sector Office
  • Services Product Design
    Trend Research

430 Galileo is EUN’s new furniture line, which has been designed to generate spaces, flows of movement and different ranges of privacy.

  • Product 430 Galileo
  • Costumer EUN
  • Sector Office
  • Services Product Design
    Trend Research


Evolves with time and becomes more versatile

430 Galileo is the result of an internal comprehensive worldwide study of offices. Using all of this data and knowledge, together with EUN’s team, we have collaborated in defining work zones that give people the spaces and tools that they need.

Building on EUN’s industrial experience and know-how, 430 Galileo is based on a storage solution that evolves with time and becomes more versatile, while incorporating new elements. This collection enhances the office’s organization, delimiting spaces for individual and team work, with different levels of public or private areas, depending on each company’s needs.

In fact, 430 Galileo can be easily adapted to the evolution of any architectural space. By combining practical storage solutions and collaborative areas, this collection is a very effective and user-friendly tool for work environments.


It features four areas with different levels of privacy

The exhaustive analysis of types of work spaces has led to configurations for each company’s type, size and use, that are very easy to assemble.

EUN’s 430 Galileo features different areas: Ágora is an area for improvised meetings; Share is a zone for short meetings; Foro is a multipurpose space for projects and training; finally, Talk Point encourages concentrated work.

This is Alegre Design’s first collaboration with EUN, a brand that has defined and manufactured storage systems distinguished by their versatility, flexibility and quality since 1974.

It orders the space generating flows of movement and privacy, creating the different working areas within the office space


430 Galileo adapts to different uses, moments and tasks

430 Galileo is a furniture collection, that aspires to grow and evolve in line with people’s needs and the requirements of their work space.

In order to adapt to different uses, moments and tasks, it combines vertical elements, work surfaces, separators, acoustic panels, lighting solutions, technology and storage spaces. Each configuration is highly functional and meets EUN’s high-quality standards.

430 Galileo can redistribute office movements, store all sorts of materials, documents and objects, and serve as a meeting point by incorporating additional accessories and elements such as screens, work surfaces and whiteboards, for example.