Zero is a modular space management system that does not require any tools for assembly and that offers endless possibilities in terms of structures and elements. Using a new technology for attaching hardware to a vertical profile, Zero is a solution designed to make life easier for people, giving them all the elements they need and a simple assembly process so that they themselves can install and mount the system.


Ki is a smart ring that controls the home’s environmental conditions and energy consumption. It is a device that projects light signals both inside and above the wall that it is attached to. Those light shapes indicates, through colors, if there is any imbalance in one of the parameters –air quality, temperature, water or electricity consumption –. Ki creates a new interaction between people and light through a new multisensorial experience that combines the Physical + Digital worlds through home appliances.


Vanity is a technical, decorative and architectural system. A minimal set of geometric shapes is the premise of this line of shower doors designed for Profiltek. When in comes to home appliances, Vanity stands out for the visual delicateness of the details and for its ability to blend into any space. Vanity makes the person feels comfortable when it’s time to shower, offering up the sensation of safety and spaciousness in its daily use.


Sling hanger is an accessory for wardrobes that allows people to reach the higher elements of the wardrobe with no effort. This product allows people to hang large-sized garments at a height, making them more accessible and making the most of the interior of wardrobes and closets. It can support a maximal weight of 12 kg.


Evo is creating a complete line of public hygiene products that, with their own distinct designs, contribute to establishing Nofer brand’s identity. The EVO system also sets a new standard in the public hygiene solution market, which it gives its geometric -in two stages- and innovative design to.


Stormflow is an innovative solution that has stormed into public bathrooms, ousting the traditional hot air dryers.